Return to Innocence, Kathleen Kinsella, Sharonville, OH, 2006 Perennials, Michele Randall, State College, PA 2006 The Festival Jester in a Caravaggio Moment, Marty Edmunds, Boalsburg, PA, 2006 Look Who’s Forty, Joanie Eyster, State College, PA, 2006 Peace, Lynn Heritage, Bellefonte, PA 2004 For Every Child, Radio Park Elementary School,  State College, PA 2002 Facing the Sun, Joanie Eyster, State College, PA  2004 Buzz, Leah Donell Stephenson, State College, PA 2004 Diving for Festival Treasures, Marty Edmunds, Boalsburg, PA  2004 - The Festival has over 100 banners in its collection. Many of them hang over the Festival route each July.

Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts™ State College, Pennsylvania

July 11-14, 2013 ~ Children and Youth Day July 10, 2013


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State College, PA

DAILY SCHEDULES:  Children's Day July 13   ~   July 14   ~   July 15   ~   July 16   ~   July 17


SCHEDULE OF EVENTS ~ Friday, July 15, 2011

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Allen Allen Street Stage
Presby State College Presbyterian Church
Park Sidney Friedman Park
Shell Festival Shell Stage
Schwab Schwab Auditorium

Citizens Bank Penn State Downtown Theater

State The State Citizens


Schedules are subject to change without prior notice.


Today's Youth Stage Events in Friedman Park

2:00 p.m.     Char Marshall Arts

Allen Street stage is sponsored by Traditions of America on Friday, July 15


How Can you Run with a Shell on Your Back?

B 10:00; Citizens • musical theatre workshop

Penn State NU Musical Theatre

Inspired by the enduring relevance of Aesop's classic fables, Alan Schmuckler and Michael Mahler chose three tales—"Androcles and the Lion," "The Ant and the Grasshopper," and "The Tortoise and the Hare"—to rediscover through the eyes of young people today.

How Can You Run with a Shell on Your Back? places Aesop's three tales into the hands of several unlikely—and seemingly unalike—storytellers: six young students who have been sent to after-school detention. There, the reluctant group is confronted with a substitute teacher who encourages them to spend their hour-sentence together by using their imaginations and exploring one of the library's books—Aesop's Fables. Resistant at first, the six come around as they take on the Aesop's characters and imprint the stories with their own points of view. Music, lyrics, and book are by Michael Mahler and Alan Schmuckler.


The Chicken Tractor

12:00 p.m.; Allen • Americana

The Chicken Tractor is an old time country and Americana band based in Central Pennsylvania. The bands repertoire comes from old 78 rpm records, church music, mountain ballads, classic country and honky tonk tunes. The band has played at festivals and clubs throughout the region.

Eric Himan

2:00 p.m.; Allen • Indie rock

With his signature gift for pop tunes and social commentary, Eric Himan delivers what only a veteran of the indie music scene can provide- a woven tapestry of melodies and lyrics. Songs flow seamlessly together providing the listener with the rich experience they have come to expect.

Eric Himan is an award-winning nationally touring soulful/folk/rock artist based in the Tulsa, Oklahoma. His music has recently been featured on Sirius/XM’s Coffeehouse radio station. He has won a Best of the Best award from Oklahoma magazine for 3 years. His original songs have been licensed to MTV, VH1, Oxygen, and E!


Hounds of Soul

2:30 p.m.; Shell • R & B/soul
The Hounds have been playing music in Central PA for more than two years, bringing a blend of classic Rhythm and Blues, Funk, Soul, and other popular styles sweetened by a muscular four-piece horn section. Expect sounds you know but haven't heard played "live" for a long time, including covers of songs by Earth Wind and Fire, Chicago, Blood Sweat and Tears, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, and more. The Hounds of Soul are appearing for the first time at the Central PA Festival of the Arts, so stop by for a listen. It's been a long time since you've heard something so good! Sherri Orlofsky, (814)571-4143


Pepper Tribal Lotus

3:30 p.m.; Park • Middle Eastern dance

Pepper Lotus Tribal is a professional belly dance troupe based in State College, PA. Directed by Shannon Bishop, Pepper Lotus performs Improvisational Tribal Style Belly Dance, every performance is unique! Through non-verbal cues, the dancers “talk” to each other to create a one of a kind performance that features traditional Middle Eastern belly dance. The troupe has performed at Rakkasah East, the largest belly dance festival on the East Coast. Shannon Bishop (814) 883-1131


Matt Santry

4:00 p.m.; Allen • rock

From fulltime social worker to fulltime musician, Matt Santry has made the unlikely transition from playing music for Autistic children to rocking audiences of loyal fans. Today, Santry still draws on his experiences working with children with disabilities to create a connection with his current audiences.

It’s been five years and more than six hundred gigs at coffee houses, clubs, and festivals since his career change. Matt has toured the country and released two records. While working on his newest release Tin Ace City", he had a chance to work with Grammy winners Scot Sax and Jeff Juliano to create an unsurpassed collection of songs.


The Long Afternoon

4:30 p.m.; Shell • indie rock

Indie rock pioneers The Long Afternoon formed in Pittsburgh in 1985. Guitarist and vocalist Eston Martz and three others crafted the band’s original edgy sound. After recording an EP and planning a national tour, the band broke up and remained dormant for some time.

With former band members long gone, Martz enlisted drummer Greg Elliott and former Seen bassist Jeff Edmunds to revive the band. The Long Afternoon’s first album, The Luxury Problem, came out in 2006 to enthusiastic reviews in The Big Takeover and in that icon of 1970s counterculture magazine-dom, High Times. The Long Afternoon’s second album, the 16-song Signifying Nothing, was released in 2009. For the band’s members, even the meaning of their name has evolved over time. “When we started, our neighbors used to call our practices ‘the long afternoon,’ and that was a good joke,” Martz says. “Ex-girlfriends thought we named the band after time we spent with them. Our friends who dug acid thought the name referred to tripping, and that’s a good joke. Now that we’re older, ‘The Long Afternoon’ can refer to middle age, too. Some of us never thought we’d be alive this long, so that’s the best joke of all.”


Chris Good

5:00 p.m. State College Municipal Building Plaza • guitar

He started taking lessons in the 4th grade. He plays regularly at restaurants in State College. A Penn State student, he hopes to land a job in the music industry.


Zeropoint Big Band
5:30 p.m.; Park • jazz
Zeropoint is the base energy field of the universe that contains unlimited energy. Zeropoint Big Band is a sixteen piece band featuring central Pennsylvania’s top musicians; Eddie Severn, Dale Orris, Bob Byham, Barry Long, Rich Hirsch, Dan Yoder, Bryan Gillespie, Marty Gillespie, Matt Donovan, Paul Lescowitz, Jay Vonada, Bob Labarca, Mike Loewen, Steve Rudolph, Jeff Beck, and Kevin Lowe. The band plays original charts as well as arrangements by Mike Tomaro, Gordon Goodwin, Mark Taylor, Bob Mintzer and many others. Rick Hirsch (814) 867-9935


Ted McCloskey & The Hi-Fi’s

6:00 p.m.; Allen • indie rock

Ted McCloskey will be releasing his sixth solo record at this year’s Festival. In the last year, his music has been featured on PBS, MTV, Discovery, and the History Channel, among others. If you have been fortunate enough to see Ted and his band, The Hi-Fi’s, you know the feeling that you’ve seen something special. It’s pure energy—a snarling kind of rock ‘n’ roll that just isn’t made any more.


The Giver

B 6:00; Citizens • musical theatre workshop

Penn State NU Musical Theatre

Based on Lois Lowry’s novel, The Giver, is a coming of age story set in a utopian community that is free from pain, sickness and conflict, but also without color, weather, or deep emotions. Jonas, his family, and his friends, Asher and Fiona, journey through the questions of life, love and happiness. The music is by Scott Murphy, with lyrics and book by Nathan Christianson.



6:30 p.m.; Shell • blues

Bushmaster has been entertaining a wide range of people (8 to 80 so to speak), at a wide range of venues (festivals, clubs, roadhouses, and even backyard parties), since 1992. Washington DC area native Gary Brown is the band’s front man, guitar player, band leader, composer, and even chief cook and bottle washer. Bushmaster has released two CDs, Live & Blue and Drowning on Dry Land. Gary Brown (717) 386-5228


Essence of Joy Alumni Singers

Sponsored by Barbara Palmer

B 7:00 p.m.; State College College Presbyterian Church • gospel

Since its first performance at the Festival in 2006, the Essence of Joy Alumni Singers’ appearance has come to be a highlight of the Festival. Under the direction former Penn State Laureate Dr. Anthony T. Leach, EOJAS performs sacred and secular music from the African and African-American tradition. The choir, founded in 2005, is composed of alumni of the Essence of Joy Choir of The Pennsylvania State University and has performed in locations such as Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Washington D.C., Belgium, Luxembourg, and France.



Sponsored by Gemini Enterprises, Black Walnut Body Shop, House Wire, Inc. Brown & Associates

B 7:30 p.m.; Schwab • folk

Cartoon’s song-craft and chill-down-your-spine harmonies have helped define what’s good about State College music for nearly three decades.

Cartoon has a reputation for making music that is straight-forward and unfussy—a combination of narrative lyrics and a unique vocal blend, backed by acoustic guitars, electric bass, and hand percussion. The style draws from folk and bluegrass, is influenced by music of the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s, and shaped by four talents who came of age musically here in State College. It’s one part walking blues, folk-styling, slightly bent humor, rock `n’ roll, the ache of sweet yearning, and grit enough to make it all real.

The band formed in State College in 1981 when Kevin, Glenn, and Randy began jamming together at local clubs under the name Menagerie. Soon, Jon joined and the name was changed to Cartoon, reflective of the group’s gift for fun and imagination.

Over the next three years, Cartoon became one of the most popular groups in the region, playing dates across the state from Pittsburgh to New Hope and venues in between. It was during this period that the band became an Arts Festival staple, over the years playing to thousands on the Old Main Lawn and packing venues like Schwab Auditorium.

Now, despite being scattered up and down the eastern U.S., band members each summer are drawn to Happy Valley by the special magic of Arts Festival. With the familiarity of almost 30 years, their guitars and voices slide back together like coming home.

A performance by Cartoon is as much a part of the festival as an ice cream cone from the Creamery or Chicken on a Stick.


Vinegar Creek Constituency

7:30 p.m.; Park • bluegrass

Vinegar Creek Constituency channels the venerable old ghosts of the American folk tradition through inventive, imaginative original songs delivered with rock’n’roll intensity. Like their forerunners in the roots music of Appalachia, the Mississippi Delta, the whaling towns of New England, and the Oklahoma dustbowl, the songs call out from the crossroads of light and darkness. They are dreams of Heaven alongside visions of Hell; songs in praise of love alongside tales of murder and the madness of lovers betrayed; songs that ride the rails, wander the countryside, rise from the grave, and sit center stage at the apocalypse. The musicians of Vinegar Creek Constituency come from diverse musical backgrounds that range from formal classical performance to experimental garage rock to traditional old time string band music. The band’s newest album is Angel of the Last Waltz, released in 2010. Terry Bridgwater (717) 877-9681


Billy Bauer Band

8:00 p.m.; Allen • acoustic rock

In just four years, the Billy Bauer Band has played some of the most prestigious festival and venues in America including Allentown’s Musikfest, and New York’s CMJ Music Marathon. The band made its regional live television debut on Philadelphia’s NBC 10 show and opened for top recording artist Uncle Kracker and indie start Pete Francis. In the spring of 2011, the band released its first full length studio album in four years. Listeners of the Billy Bauer Band are often reminded of the Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, Paul Simon and REM mixed together. The band’s imaginative songwriting and instrumentations make their live shows a musical treat. Billy Bauer (610)730-5795


The Alex Meixner Band

8:30 p.m.; Shell • world folk/polka

The Alex Meixner Band travels throughout the U.S. and Canada performing at everything from the National Folk Festival to Wurstfest, America’s Salute to Sausage in New Braunfels, Texas. Alex has Alex has developed a fresh musical voice that has made him one of the most exciting performers on the American polka scene. Equally at home with traditional and contemporary styles, Alex and crew perform on about a dozen instruments (including the 12 foot long Swiss Alphorn and trademark Meixner Button Box sound) and vocals in English, German, Slovenian, Croatian, Czech and more. As a music educator, Alex’s programs focus on the fusion of Slavic folk music and Jazz, but also include the inflections of folk, pop and classical styles from Latin America, Africa and other sections of Europe. Alex was nominated for a Grammy award in 2007 for his album, Polka Freak Out. In June, he will release his newest album, Three Ring Circus. Alex Meixner (610) 597-2180


Penn State NU Musical Theatre presents Bubble Boy the Musical
B 9:00 p.m.; Citizens  •  musical theatre workshop

Bubble Boy the Musical follows the odyssey of Jimmy Livingston, a boy born without immunities and confined to a plastic bubble room. When he discovers that the love of his life Chloe is getting married, he builds a bubble suit, breaks out of his home and travels across the country to stop the wedding. Along the way he must deal with unlikely cults, ferocious bikers, an Indian ice cream man, and the greatest obstacle of all, his controlling mother. The music and lyrics for Bubble Boy the Musical were written by Cinco Paul (Horton Hears a Who),and the book was written by Cinco Paul & Ken Daurio (College Road Trip).


Straight Drive

9:30 p.m.; Park • bluegrass

Straight Drive’s name comes from the type of music they play—straight bluegrass with plenty of drive. The band’s music has been called “bluegrass with no apologies.” The band frequently appears at bluegrass and Americana festivals, traditional country music shows, and in clubs. The group has played at many storied venues, including New York City’s Carnegie Hall, and the Mississippi Queen steamboat. Vocalist Jen Larson—who was once described as having “a voice that could cut metal” has been a guest on A Prairie Home Companion many times. In 2005 the band released, I’ll Take a Page from Your Book. Terry McGill (201) 727-0201


The Ultra Kings

10:00 p.m.; Allen • rock & roll/rockabilly

The Ultra Kings have been together for ten years and have ben tearin’ it up on stages in the North East and Mid-Atlantic states on a regular basis. Rick K. Kuebler takes his Bigsby equipped Telecasters on a string twisting and bending workout in every show, resulting in plaudits from fans and peers alike. Carl Ehst slams down that rock & roll beat with authority and conviction, and Zoots Szmigiel manhandles his double bass with the finesse only a former professional alligator wrestler can bring to the instrument. Combining primal rock & roll, rockabilly, surf, and the blues, the Ultra Kings create a sound all their own. Stay tuned—two new Ultra Kings albums are in the works. Rick Kuebler (610) 966-9911


Family Brew

11:00 p.m.; Shell • sing-along

Members of the Family Brew have been performing together in State College for over twenty years. They brew up a show of folk, rock, country, and, of course, audience participation. They’re all Penn State fans and so you just might hear a lion roar at the show. Their aim is to share their love of music and to have a darned good time doing it! Come join new and old friends for a memorable and traditional festival sing-along of songs of yesterday. Penn State President, Dr. Graham Spanier has been known to join the group on washboard • Jennifer Hesketh, (814) 867-8611





DAILY SCHEDULES:  Children's Day July 13   ~   July 14   ~   July 15   ~   July 16   ~   July 17



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